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Our Lasting Ideal

Our lasting ideal is to create good, affordable seasonings and turn simple but nutritious fare into delicacies.


Solve Health and Nutrition Challenges

We are vigorously pursuing amino acid research because little that people know that  it is the secret to eating and living well.


Essence Of Deliciousness

Get the powerful fifth taste using Umami. Balancing the flavors in many of the foods we eat.

Enhance your cooking experience with Ajinomoto

A brand synonymous with taste, Ajinomoto is here to flourish your taste buds with the most delicious recipes from around the globe. With delectable recipes to excellent ingredients and ready-to-use products for your ease, Ajinomoto offers it all. Not only do we provide recipes to augment your cooking journey, we also deliver products prepared using the freshest ingredients straight to your doorstep!

Why Ajinomoto?

Our tasty values

At Ajinomoto, we focus on having a healthy food range for people not just in Saudi Arabia, but across the world. We aim to maintain our brand with the trust of our customers. For this, we continue to deliver tasteful products that are sure to spice up your meals and add that final touch of delicious taste. Say goodbye to takeaway meals and eating out – get ready to enjoy flavorsome, mouth-watering and succulent food at home!

Our tasty health policies​

Our number one policy is to ascertain that our esteemed customers across the world continue to receive world-class products. Every single product within our range is prepared using the finest, freshest ingredients to amplify the taste of the recipes our customers try out. We are focused on assuring the greater wellness of people all around the world through amino science. For this, the team at Ajinomoto follows a unique scientific approach which enables us to pursue the infinite possibilities of amino acids, thereby delivering top-of-the-line products and services that support the health of the body and mind.

Our tasty flavors

We have developed a wide range of delicious and mouth-watering chicken recipes for you to try out using our special ready-to-use ingredients. Now you can be the best chef in your circle of family and friends with our recipes and ready-to-cook products!