Lemon Chicken with Rice

Lemon Chicken with Rice


1kg Chicken
300g Potato
30g Garlic
120g Olive Oil
10g Dried Oregano
10g Dried Basil
10g Dried Thyme
3 tsp Aji-No-Moto®
2 tsp AJI-SHIO® Flavoured Black Pepper
5 piece Lemon
10g Fresh Coriander
Aluminium Foil
Cooked Rice

Steps :

1. Cut Potatoes into halves.
2. Extract Lemon Juice.
3. Mince garlic with salt.
4. Combine Lemon Zest, Garlic, Dried Oregano, Dried Basil, Dried Thyme and Salt.
5. Season with Aji-No-Moto®.
6. Add Lemon Juice, Olive Oil & mix well.
7. Cover Chicken with the Marinate.
8. Place Potatoes, Marinated Chicken and Marinate Liquid on a Baking Tray.
9. Cover with Aluminium Foil.
10. Set Aside for 20minutes.

11. Roast 200°C for 30 minutes.